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Leonid O. Uryvskyi, Serhii O. Osypchuk Article2013ISSN 2219-9454, Telecommunication Sciences EN21-26
The ultra-long LPDC codes are examined. The errors correction by ultra-long LDPC codes is analyzed. The error-correcting capability research method for ultra-long LDPC codes is described in details. The main results in table and graph representations are shown. The comparison of ultra-long LDPC codes and BCH codes is performed by using Plotkin and Varshamov-Gilbert limits approximation criterion. Full text:
Leonid O. Uryvskyi, Serhii O. OsypchukThesis2013The 7th International Scientific-Technical Conference "Telecommunication Problems"RU357-359
The research results of regular LDPC codes error-correcting ability are shown based on the dependency of LDPC check matrix parameters. Full text:
L. Uryvsky, S. OsypchukThesis2013The 3rd International Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists "Infocommunications - Present and Future", 17-18 October 2013, Odesa, UkraineRU91-95
The possibilities of errors correction by very long LDPC codes with a block length of 64800 bits are studied based on statistical numerical experiments. The comparison of LDPC codes error-correcting abilities with known block codes Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem (BCH) is performed by approaching the Plotkin and Varshamov-Gilbert bounds.
Pylypenko A., Uryvsky L., Trach B.Article2013ISSN 2219-9454, Telecommunication Sciences EN19-21
Asymptotic properties of self-similar traffic models based on discrete-time and continuous-time martingales are considered. We discovered that their performance indicators are asymptotically equal at to indicators for model based on Brownian motion. Full text:
Uryvskyi L., Osypchuk S.Article2013ISSN 2219-9454, Telecommunication Sciences EN22-27
The simulation model for OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) signal energy characteristics research is developed. The OFDM signal vector-phase states are examined. The momentary amplitudes distribution function is obtained. A hypothesis of amplitude distribution law is verified by the chi-square criterion. The OFDM subcarriers optimal gain method is proposed. Full text:
Tetiana V. Pidgurska, Olexander O. Trubin, Borys M. ShelkovnikovArticle2013ISSN 2219-9454, Telecommunication Sciences EN51-57
The possibility of reducing the radiation loss of dielectric resonator (DR) to the external environment has been investigated for the first time by applying higher order mode of DR, namely “quadrupole” type, with higher Q factor. The “quadrupole” mode for constructing narrow band-pass filter (<1%) has been studied. The resonant frequencies of dielectric resonator have been calculated on grounds of approximate analytical method as well as finite element method. The coupling coefficients of the rectangular DR with coplanar line have been scrutinized both as a function of the glass substrate’s height, namely bs, on which the DR is situated, and as a function of the DR’s displacement toward the center line, namely y0. The synthesized two-resonator band-pass filter has the improved gain slope. The minimum value of insertion loss at the central frequency of 5.9 GHz is - 2.4dB, the shape factor is equal to 3.45. Full text:
Isniuk T., Osypchuk S., Shelkovnikov B.Thesis201121th International Crimean Conference “Microwave & Telecommunication Technology” (CriMiCo’2011)RU223-225
The following microwave parts are modeled based on the LTCC technology: loop ntenna based on metamatherial structure, transition based on complanar structure, complanar waveguide (CPW-to-SL), complanar-complanar transition (CPW-to-CPW), and bandpass filter for 60 GHz based on mentioned elements. Full text:
Leonid Urywsky, Alina Moshynska Thesis2008X International PhD Workshop OWD’2008, 18–21 October 2008, Wisla, Poland EN573-579
 It is offered the model of the discrete information transfer system, including a discrete information source, transmission line with noises, set method of signal forming and the method of subsequent signal, passed on a flow line processing.
   The all model features are incorporated in correlation, corresponding to the conditions of highest speed achievement of undistorted transmission using the anti- interference coding in according to the Shannon theorem for discrete channel with noises.
   For each type of discrete signals manipulation using the coherent and incoherent processing methods it was suggested the application of corresponding anti-interference code categories. These codes are in accordance to the indicated conditions.