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Department of Telecommunications prepares the following Professional​:

  • Bachelaur Degree – 3 years and 10 months in full-time mode (247,5 ECTS credits);
  • Mast​er Degree – 1 year 10 months in full-time mode (120 ECTS credits).
List of subjects


​Bachelors Subjects​

Masters Subjects (additionally)

Foreign Language

Ukrainian Language

Ukrainian for Specific Purposes


History of Ukraine

Social Psychology

History of Ukrainian Culture

Fundamentals of Consitutional Law


Higher Mathematics


Chemistry and Electric Radio Materials

Computer and Engineer Graphics


Metrology, Standardization and Quality Management and Accreditation


Theory of Electrical Circuits

History of Science and Technology

Fundamentals of Telecommunications Theory

Technical Electrodynamics and Radio Wave Propagation

Special Topics in Mathematics

Telecommunication Networks

Life Safety

Network Technologies

Digital Processing of Signals

Wireless Telecommunication Systems

Informational Support of Telecommunication Systems

Transmitting and Receiving Devices

Electronic Circuitry

Applied Programming in Telecommunication Systems

Cable and Fiber-Optic Telecommunication Systems

Radio and Television Broadcasting Technologies

Legal and Regulatory Foundations in Telecommunications

Fundamentals  of  Labour Safety

Introduction to Specialty

Management and Monitoring of Radiofrequency Spectrum Resources Usage

Terminal Equipment of Telecommunication Systems

Banking Telecommunication Networks

Software Tools for Telecommunication Systems

Economics of Production Planning and Organazation.

Information Security in Telecommunication systems

Management in Telecommunications

Work Practice

Pre-Diploma Practice

Qualifying Bachelor Thesis

Intellectual Property

Specialized Labour Safety

Civil Defence

Philosophical Principals of Scientific Cognition

Fundamentals of Scientific Research

Patenting and Copyright

Mathematical Optimization Methods

Mathematical Simulation of Systems and Processes

Fundamentals of Sustainable Development of Society

Factors of Successful Professional Employment 

Organization of  Research and Development in Telecommunications

Decision Making Theory and System Analysis

Higher Education Pedagogy

Foreign Language for Specific Purposes

Project Management in Telecommunications

Broadband Wireless Access Organization Methods

Architecture Principles and Implementation Methods for New Generation Telecommunication Systems

Methods of Telecommunication Networks Control

Adaptive Systems in Telecommunications

Service Provider Platform

Environmental Safety of Telecommunications

Telecommunication Server Operation Control

Applied Programming for Mobile Devices

Simulation of  Systems and Processes

Telecommunication Servers Security

Design Methods in Telecommunications

Satellite Telecommunication Systems

Fundamentals of Applied Information Theory for Telecommunications

Scientific Research Practice

Scientific Research on the Topic of Masters Thesis