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​​​ To applicants

Dear applicants! 

The following information is about the speciality “Information networks in telecommunication” of the Information –Telecommunication Networks (ITM) department is offered to your attention. 
    Information about speciality 
    Professional disciplines studied by students 
    Places of graduates’ employment of and their posts 

I. Information about a speciality "Information communication networks" 

The speciality “Information communication networks” is a component of the “Radioengineering, radioelectronic devices and communication" branch of science. Training of specialists is carried out by the Department of "Information-Telecommunication Networks" (ITM) of "KPI": 

1) Bachelor’s degree, who receive basic higher education with qualification “Bachelor of Telecommunications” (term of study – 3 years and 10 months); 
2) Master’s degree​ – with qualification “Master of Telecommunications” (term of study – 1 year and 10 months). 

The Department prepares students for work in a direction of user maintenance of the information technology services and information transfer processes software and user's access to telecommunication networks resources. 

Number of people wishing to study according to the speciality increases each year. In 2006, 2007 and 2008 according to the facts of educational methodical department of NTUU “KPI” speciality “Information Communication Networks” had the best rating from the reception and release (employment) among 120 specialities NTUU “KPI”. 

 Graduates of department receive deep fundamental training and can perform the design and operation of transfer information telecommunication networks: speech, data, video, music using modern information technologies and computer programs. 

They can work with databases, program telecommunications applied processes, create and process information resources, execute networks administration. Information program technologies provide functioning, supervise, information security and telecommunication networks control: 

– Wire (transfer digital systems on metal and optical cables); 
– Wireless (cellular, radiorelay, satellite). 

 Training of students with specialization of “Information Communication Networks” is held in conditions close to conditions of future employment. Students of 4th course undertake an industrial practice in the state and private companies that allows them to adapt for business environment conditions. All graduates of department employ according to the specialty “Information networks”. Graduates’ demand from various companies surpasses the offer. 

 Students of Department have good knowledge in personal computers, programs, Word, Excel, Access, have experience in MS Office, Internet Explorer, have a basic knowledge of database administration Windows Server 2003.115 6.0, of client operating systems Linux / UNIX, Window NT Workstation, Window 2000 Professional, and also study modern technologies and standards of wire, cellular, radiorelay and satellite telecommunication networks. 

Students of the department under the supervision of experienced lecturer conduct researches, make presentations at scientific conferences, publish scientific articles, and have awards from competitions and contests. The best students have master's training in the Technical University of Dresden.