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 Scientific research works of the ITN Department

Title of work

Development of interdisciplinary complex of distributed computing based on Web services​

prof. Globa L.S.
The objective is to create a platform of Web services based on modified model-based approach to software development, which includes the early stages of prototyping and testing, which will improve the design, development and implementation of software components of information and service space, and which will increase productivity of distributed computing by introducing a parallelization as in the model of web services as well as computing processes

​Multiagent system of integration of information resources and information processing in a distributed information-telecommunication environment​

prof. Globa L.S.
The objective is the construction of technology for solving problems of access, management, organization of information resources and services in heterogeneous distributed information and telecommunication environment by using intellectual agents and multi-agent systems and the development of appropriate tools that will implement the main provisions of this methodology​

The management of resources and services in heterogeneous information and telecommunication environment​

prof. Globa L.S.
The aim is the construction of methodology of access and management of information and software resources in heterogeneous information and telecommunications environment which are the base for  software middleware layer for access and implementation of distributed software systems in networks that use technology as a wired as well as wireless.​

Adaptive technology for data processing in heterogeneous information and telecommunication environment​

prof. Globa L.S.

​The aim is the construction of methodology of information processing in a distributed information-telecommunication environment and creation of tools for design and development, binding to subject area, configuration and adaptation of the program modules of information and computing resources in the telecommunications environment and implementation of of distributed computing in it.​


​Complex of software development, integration and reengeneering information and functional resources in the telecommunications environment​

prof. Globa L.S.
First scientifically substantiated and proposed methodology of the programmatic complex for the development and distribution of information resources, including proposed: a method of integrating information systems to form a single information environment, mathematical models and algorithms, as well as WEB-oriented software integration applied systems in a single information and telecommunication environment .
Developed a web portal "KPI" with technology SharePoint and conducted its pilot implementation in action.

​Creating a virtual network of educational institutions on the base of modern telecommunication and information technologies

prof. Globa L.S.

​Improved methods for designing wireless networks and WLAN802.11 and WiMAX802.16, which are considered as part of a comprehensive methodology for designing corporate information-telecommunication networks and different from the existing (first, Ekahau Site Survey, WinProp etc.) using the method of minimax optimization combined with empirical models of geometrical distribution of radio waves and taking into account the burden for solving the problem of placing radio outletsthat allows to reduce the total cost of the network.​


Information Management System for engineering document circulation based on a single model of production environment​

prof. Globa L.S.

​The construction of methodology and new principles and architectural decisions of corporate information and telecommunication system of automatic control of engineering document circulation engineering company closely associated with manufacturing processes that can significantly reduce the time pre-production and bring quality of products to global standards


​Construction of methodologies, models, approaches for the creation of information resources of educational institutions​

prof. Globa L.S.

​The construction of methodology, models and techniques for creating integrated information resources for academic, scientific and administrative and management of educational institutions of various levels​


​Mathematic and software design of receivers and transmitters of Earth Stations in the millimeter range

prof. Sunduchkov K.S.

Optimization of the characteristics and structure of systems and networks of broadband wireless access​

prof. Sunduchkov K.S.