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 Masters works

The method of obtaining information from distributed heterogeneous databases
The approach to implementing voice communications for web-oriented applications
Integrating of technology SDR in mobile networks
The method of acceleration of reaction of control systems of multiservice network based on high performance computing
The Concept of implementation of Mobile IPv6 Technology
Approach to information sharing in a distributed information-telecommunication environment using multi-agent systems
Technology of transmission of information in open optical communication systems
Organization of filling network of multimedia services in all areas of 4G topology IGTS
Effect of multi-type modulation on reception quality of multimedia services 4G
Interaction of SDR-devices with different data transferring networks
Characteristics of procedures of handover in LTE System 

Increasing the efficiency of Microsoft Hyper-V Live Migration at a distance
Specifics of MIMO-OFDM in mobile networks
Organization of corporate interaction and cloud computing resources
Improving network Technology LTE
Over Broadband microwave systems and modeling of main units
Creation of mobile WiMAX on a physical layer
Characteristics of nodes of telecommunication wireless networks based on metamaterials and multilayer technologies
The influence of Doppler effect in 802.16e networks
High-performance computing in peer networks
Technologies of creation of the automated business processes in distributed information systems
Unified communications Technologies of universities