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 Department's history

​                                    Cronicles

In "KPI" Direction "Telecommunications" was adopted after the creation in 2002. Department of Telecommunication Systems and Networks (TSN), headed by Prof. Dr. Globa LS who had already been well-known science pedagogical specialist in the field of information and communication technologies. In need for teaching Information Technology to students of "Telecommunications" direction  in 2004, on the base of the Department of TSN was created Department of Information and Telecommunication Networks (ITN) at the Institute of Telecommunication Systems NTUU "KPI". The results of the department in specialty, "Information Communication Networks" it was​ given basis for a license and certificate of accreditation (Series НД-IV № 112361 from 30.06.2005r.) of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for the right to study and issue diplomas to students, graduates of this specialty, which showed a high level of organization training of students and their level of knowledge. Over the years it has trained hundreds of young engineers of a wide profile who currently work in leading companies and organizations of information and telecommunication profile as engineers of telecommunication and engineers of guiding over telecommunications equipment, engineers of  management and maintenance of systems, engineers-researchers, engineers of organization of production processes of telecommunication networks, telecommunication systems administrators and others.


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 Since 2005 ITN Department participates in the project with the Technical University of Dresden (Germany) on student exchange and development of joint master of students to obtain double diploma from the both universities.

In October of 2005 Institute of Telecommunication Systems and the company "Intel" created joint project "Center of competence Intel."
Students of the department in the 2007-2008 academic year won the title of best Group of ITS:
Students of the department become the Best students of year in ITS:
 Student_2006.png 2006 - st. Kurdecha V.V Student_2007.png 2007 - st. Kot T.   
     Student_2008.jpg2008 - st. Iermakova K.        Student_2010.png2010 - st. Osypchuk S.
Students of the department in 2012 were awarded scholarships of rector.
Онисько.pngOnysko Andrew (gr. TI-81, the supervisor of bachelor project - Ph.D., MO Alekseyev). Course diploma - the methods of development of software. In 2010, visited with a delegation from ITS Dresden University. Engaged in scientific work at the Department of ITM (ITS), participated in the project to develop an automated accounting system. From 2009 to 2011 headed the Student Council of hostel number 12. Hobbies - mountaineering, skating.

Приходько.jpgOlga Prikhodko (gr TI-71M, master's thesis supervisor - prof. A.Yu.Pylypenko). In 2011, with an "excellent" mark defended baccalaureate work. Parish of the academic group. She is fond of mathematical analysis. In 2010, with a delegation of ITS visited  Dresden University. Very clever and multilateral gifted girl. Hobbies - dancing, cooking and embroidery, her works were awarded on the competitions of campus. Actively participates in the life of the faculty.
Our teachers successfully combine the teaching activities with the scientific work, they have repeatedly received the title of teacher-researcher and the young teacher - researcher:
prof. Globa L.S., Alekseiev М.О.
prof. Globa L.S., Alekseiev М.О., Ternovoi M.Iu.
prof. Globa L.S., Ternovoi M.Iu.
prof. Globa L.S., Alekseiev М.О., Ternovoi M.Iu.
prof. Globa L.S.,
PhD. Skulish M.A
prof. Globa L.S., Alekseiev М.О., Ternovoi M.Iu.​