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 They worked in ITS


Prof. Vladyslav Vinnytskyi (1938 - 2006), department of Telecommunications. Author of more than 80 papers and lecturer of subject "Terminal equipment".

Prof. Alexander Zinchenko (1957-2010), department of Telecommunications. Famous Ukrainian politician, honored journalist of Ukraine, academic of Television Academy of Ukraine. Prepared and read discipline "Legal framework of telecommunications"​.


Dr. Albert Bragin, department of Telecommunications. Lecturer of courses "Receiving and transmitting devices", "Control and monitoring of frequency resources". Published more than 90 papers.

Dr. Oleg Lebedev, department of Telecommunications. Lecturer of courses "Physical foundations of electronic devices", "Analog and digital electronics", "Computers and microprocessors", "Research and development activity in telecommunications".​

Dr. Alexander Ladyk (1933-2012), Department of Information and Telecommunication Networks. Lecturer of courses "Circuitry", author of more than 140 papers, articles and books.

Dr. Volodymyr Shonin (1945-2013), Department of Telecommunications. From 1996 to 2013 lecturer of "Computer science in telecommunications" courses.