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 Chosen monographies

Foundations of photonic transport

The books describes foundations of fiber-optical systems and networks, monitoring of their parameters and principles of multiplexed signal transfer over optical fiber. The parameters of gigabvit and terabit photonic transport systems are laid out and explained.​

Wideband wireless telecommunication systems

This book is of theory of modern wideband wireless telecommunication access networks. A detailed classification and principles of design and implementation of such networks are presented. You'll have insights into mathematical models and analysis of parameters of microwave communication systems. Authors explain perspectives and opportunities of future telecommunication systems.​

Telecommunication systems based on high-altitude aeroplatforms

This book deals with challenges of design of fixed and mobile wideband communication systems based on high-altitude aeroplatforms. Principles of operation of cross-platform links and interconnection with other systems are analized. It also describes an extensive theory of radiowave propagation in stratosphere and troposphere.​

Ultrawideband self-organizing telecommunication systems

One of the seminal references of the next generation communication systems -- fixed and mobile self-organizing wireless networks. Authors explore possibilities offered by ultra-wide-band signals. The highlight of the book are examples of implementation of military, industrial and personal self-organizing networks.​

Modern telecommunication systems

Authors consider scientific and technical aspects of telecommunication systems design and implementation based on modern technologies. The book is a guide to providing modern infrastructure to all fields of industry. The latest technologies are regarded.​

Microwave devices of telecommunication systems

This books deals with problems of modern antenna and microwave devices design, principles of microwave propagation in free space and transmission lines. Most of the solutions presented in the book are results of author's pioneering approach to frequecy-selective devices.​

Cellular packet-switched telecommunication systems

This study explains principles of operation of packet switched wireless networks, which are rapidly progressing in order to satisfy the growing demand for high-bandwidth mobile communication.​

Electrodynamics of dielectric resonators

Authors describe novel approaches to construction of dielectric filters based on the results of original research. The research concern to problems of forming amplithude frequency response of dielectric resonating structures with respect to non-resonating background, possible rotation of direction of polarization of elctromagnetic wave inside dielectric resonator, coupling of transmission lines with multi-resonator system or multiple oscillation types inside one resonator, etc.​