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Research directions. Scientific branches. State prize-winners. Our publications. Ph.D. thesis defence

Focus of R&D at Institute of Telecommunication Systems of NTUU "KPI"

  1. Radio Broadband Technology
    1. “Theoretical bases of mobile broadband radio access systems, millimeter-wave band." (№ 2208-F). M. Yu. Ilchenko, M. M. Kaydenko.
    2. “Research on methods to increase bandwidth in telecommunication systems.” (№ 2406-P). S.O. Kravchuk.
  2. Radiosystems with Ultrawideband Signals
    1. “Intelligent radio networks with self-organization.” (№ 2207-F). S.G. Bunin.
  3. Technology of Digital Terrestrial and Satellite Television
  4. Microwave and Terahertz-frequencyTechnology
    1. “Digital microwave system of terahertz range with nanoelectronic components.” (№ 2424-P). M. Yu. Ilchenko, T.N. Narytnyk.
    2. “Modeling and development of telecommunication devices based on metamaterials and integrated multilayer technology.” (№ 2334-P). K.S. Sunduchkov.
    3. “Improving the efficiency of wireless communication networks using space-time processing of radio signals in distributed antenna systems.” (№ 2425-P). E.A. Yakornov.
  5. Information Technology and Computer Science
    1. “Multiagent system for integration of information resources and for information processing in distributed information telecommunication environment.” (№ 2333-P). L.S. Globa, M.Yu. Ternovoy.
    2. “Development of an interdisciplinary program suite for distributed computing based on Web services.” (№ 2418-P). L.S. Globa, N.A. Alexeyev.
  6. Technology of Frequency-selective Devices
    1. “Research and development of frequency-selective devices based on dielectric resonators of infrared wavelengths.” (№ 2304-F). O.O. Trubin.
    2. “Expanding the functionality of electrically adjustable solid-state filters.” (№ 2426-P). A.V. Zakharov.
  7. Optoelectronic and Special Technology
  8. Technical Data Protection