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 Short History

     The Institute of Telecommunication Systems (ITS) of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" was founded in 2002 on the base of Telecommunication Department, which was organized in 1993, and Telecommunication Research institute, which began to operate in 1990 as the Research Institute of wireless electronic technologies "TOR". The person who initiated the foundation of both departments and the institute was a corresponding member of Ukrainian NAS, professor, doctor of engineering Ilchenko Mykhailo Yukhymovych. He was at the head of these branches.

 Short Story


Director of institute,
corresponding member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Engineering, three times state prize-winners in science and technology,
honoured worker of science and technology of Ukraine
professor Ilchenko Mykhailo Yukhymovych
telephone: 241-86-23, 454-98-21,
Dear friends!

Nowadays state economical growth mostly depends on the condition of telecommunication networks. It is impossible to imagine neither modern production, nor effective management, nor competitive business without modern communication facilities and up-to-date telecommunication and information technologies. In the last few years Ukraine approached the European level of telecommunications development. More and more telecommunications such as cellular communications, paging, trunking, satellite are implemented in our country. Modern digital equipment is introduced in the general-purpose networks. Computer networks of different scale and purpose are created. Ukraine presents an increasing number its network-related developments in the Internet each year.
In our Institute you will be able to get fundamental knowledge and higher education in the field of telecommunications. 

We wish you sincerely good health, inspiration and success in work and study, happiness and well-being. On our site you have the opportunity to get complete information about Institute of the Telecommunication Systems, about its departments and scientific branch – SRI of Telecommunications.


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