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 Director of institute,
corresponding member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Engineering, three times state prize-winners in science and technology, honoured worker of science and technology of Ukraine
professor Ilchenko Mykhailo Yukhymovych
telephone: 241-86-23, 454-98-21,

     Dear friends!

      Nowadays state economical growth mostly depends on the condition of telecommunication networks. It is impossible to imagine neither modern production, nor effective management, nor competitive business without modern communication facilities and up-to-date telecommunication and information technologies. In the last few years Ukraine approached the European level of telecommunications development. More and more telecommunications such as cellular communications, paging, trunking, satellite are implemented in our country. A modern digital equipment is introduced in the general use networks. Computer and information networks of different scale and assignment are created. More and more actively Ukraine presents its developments in the Internet.
      In our Institute you will be able to get fundamental knowledge and higher education in the sphere of telecommunications. 
      We wish you sincerely a good health, inspiration and success in work and study, happiness and wellbeing. On our site you have the opportunity to get complete information about Institute of the Telecommunication Systems, about its departments and scientific branch – SRI of telecommunication.


itsJ.jpgAs a part of three departments, in  ITS are working more than 50 highly skilled teachers:
  • 15 professors;
  • 15 associate professors;
  • 26 senior teachers and assistants
Among them, there are:
  • 10 winners of the State awards in the field of science and equipment;
  • 6 winners of the competition "Teacher-researcher" and "Young Teacher-researcher" work for us.
Participating in the international and All-Ukrainian contests, our students take prizes - therefore we have the 14 champions of Ukraine on telecommunications.


    The institute of telecommunication systems (ITS) was created in 2002 on the base of Telecommunication Department, which was organized in 1993 and Telecommunication Research institute, which began to operate in 1990 as the NDI of radio electronic technique "TOR". A person that initiated the foundation of both department and institute was a corresponding member of Ukrainian NAS, professor, doctor of engineering Il'chenko Mykhajlo Yukhymovych. He was at the head of these branches.
   Origins of ITS history should be searched in the reasons of creation of department and institute, which took place in the first years of independent formation. Exactly after the breakdown of the USSR the necessity elimination of the backlog in the production of Ukraine in competitive telecommunication production became especially perceptible (see І.V.Sergienko " Information science in : formation, development, problems". - K.: Naukova Dumka, 1999. - 354 p.). New Telecommunication Department created in KPI became the first department in which began the training of specialist of the development (but not only usage, as it was before) of the telecommunication systems. The necessity of such specialists training was defined in the special documents, which were adopted by Ukraine Communication Ministry, National space agency, National academy of sciences of . In 1993 according to the Regulation’s implementation of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine about including communication networks to the priority Ukraine research directions the government scientific and technical program "communication Networks" and relevant research council was formed by the Ukraine’s State scientific and technological committee. Prof. M.Yu.Il'chenko was at the head of this governmental program. He invited leading Ukrainian specialists in the field of communication science to the membership in research council and work in newly created Telecommunication Department of KPI. Among them there were professors S.G. Bunin, V.P. Vinnytskyy, A.V. Dorovskykh, K.S. Sunduchkov, L.P. Shcherbyna, O.M. Lebedev and others.
   It was renamed in NDI of telecommunications. According to the Regulation of Ukraine National academy of sciences’ Presidium in 2001 Information science Branch of Ukraine NAS got the scientific and methodical guidance of this institute.
    “Information-Telecommunication networks " department was created in 2004 and was led by doctor of engineering, prof. Globa L.S., and the "Telecommunication systems" department was at the head of doctor of engineering, prof. Bunin S.G. This time training of ITS students, post-graduates and doctoral candidates is carried out in specialities: "Technologies and telecommunication means", "Telecommunication systems and networks", " Information-Telecommunication networks ". 43 highly qualified teachers work in three departments of the institute: 16 professors, 15 associate professors, 12 senior teachers and assistants.
An institute has necessary educational laboratories and methodical support. The institute development program is ratified for the nearest years.
    Since 2005 department of IT has initiated and carries out the project with Technical university of Dresden (Germany) on an exchange of the students and develops the project of double master diploma. Students obtain the diplomas of two higher educational institutes.
   Since 2006 carrying out the annual scientific and technical conferences "Problems of Telecommunications" devoted to Day of science in Ukraine and the World day of telecommunications.
   In 2004, four employees of scientific research institute of telecommunications, namely: S. G. Bunin, M.Yu.Ilchenko, S. A. Kravchuk,  V.A. Sizranov - became winners of the State award of Ukraine. This list in 2012 added prof. A.I.Lysenko. In previous years the staff of scientific research institute of telecommunications and ITS T.N. Narytnik, A.A.Lipatov, L.S.Sunduchkov, S. V. Ivanov, A.A.Baranov also have got the state awards. Thus, today in ITS work 10 winners of the State awards in the field of science and equipment that is the best indicator among scientific and educational and scientific divisions of NTUU "KPI"

Winners of the State awards in the field of science and equipment

As of 2013 into structure of ITS enter:
- department of telecommunications;
- department of telecommunication systems;
- department of information and telecommunication networks;
- training courses;
- educational scientific center of postdegree telecommunication educations;
- educational and scientific and technical library;
- National research institute of telecommunications.



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