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 Graduated students

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Andriyeshyna Juliana

​From October 2010 to study TUDi, the faculty "Computer Science"

Master's Degree ITS in "Communication Networks" in 2010 Topic: "Mathematical and Software information - Service Area" reasonable audience '"(Teach adviser: Ternovoy M. )


She has an internship in a company sodocu-software documentation (, Dresden 2012
2 abstracts in scientific conferences, 1 paper​.


Bondarenko Volodymyr

Student TU Dresden and NTU "KPI".
Take part in the project FlexCloud (


By program "Folium" storage of archived data received patent certificate and ISO / IEC 25051:2006


Caceres Anton

ITS 2011 graduate specialty ISS, defended a master's degree on "Organization of corporate interaction and electron cloud computing resources."


He took part in the joint research work with the TUD in 2009 as part of FlexCloud (
In 2012 defended a master's degree TUD entitled "Concept and Performance Analysis of a Web-based Activity Stream Delivery Platform".


Published 2 articles and 3 abstracts in the works of international scientific conferences.


Chaichenko Andrew

Graduate ITS specialty ISS in 2011


Defended a master's degree in NTU "KPI" on "Technology Unified Communications University»


25/03/2013 defended a master's degree TUD entitled «Virtualized cloud computing environments»
3 Abstracts in works of international conferences.


Gudymenko Ivan
Hanyukov Edward

At the moment, am a master of ITS NTU "KPI" and TU Dresden, Faculty of "Science".


In June 2011, defended his Bachelor of NTU "KPI" on the topic "Using MIMO technology in modern broadband wireless systems (standard IEEE 802.16). "And received a bachelor's degree.


I have one article and abstract at the International Conference CriMiCo 2012, winner of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in "Telecommunications".


Ermakova Ekaterina

ITS A graduate of NTU " KPI" in 2010 , specializing ISS .
MSc thesis defended on " high performance data processing technology in the provision of services."
While studying Catherine has been active in research projects ITM Department of International Relations and Development , including the program " Double Degree " ( NTU "KPI" - Technical University of Dresden ).
From October 2010 study at the Faculty of Informatics at the Technical University Dresden Program «Distributed Systems Engineering». Currently writing master's thesis entitled «Introducing Private and Shared Spaces in Mashup Applications». In February 2011 the department is " Database " in the project EDYRA (Engineering of Do-it-Yourself Rich Internet Applications)
• 10 publications in international scientific conferences , 4 articles in scientific journals.


• Diploma for the first place team and diploma for high knowledge on the subject " Digital technology and microprocessors " in the National Student Olympiad "Telecommunications ", in March 2008 , Kharkov.


• The winner of the All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers on engineering , in " Communication Networks ", in March 2009 , Odessa.
• Student of the Year ITS 2009 .


• One of the best masters graduates of NTU " KPI" , 2010. Diploma for excellent academic achievement, creative achievements and active participation in the public life of the university Rector of NTU " KPI" Zgurovsky MZ


TUD diploma
Kashuba Sergey
Kushnir Vitali

Graduate ITS specialty ISS in 2011


Defended a master's degree in NTU "KPI" on "Method of accelerating the reaction control system multiservice network based on high performance computing"
Participated in projects: SENSE (intelligent Storage and Exploration of large documeNt Sets)
6 abstracts in scientific conferences, Article 3, winner of nationwide activities in 2009


Kyrylkov Vadym

​Graduate ITS in 2012 (speciality: Information Communication Networks)
Defended diploma with a topic: "Technologies of Unified information environment of universities in Ukraine"
Participated in joint research work with TU Dresden in 2009
6 theses in science conferences, 1 paper, 1 place in Ukrainian Competition of students’ scientific works (2009)

Korsak Viktoriia
Shalbanov Constantine

​I - Shalbanov Constantine. Student of TC-73m. This department of telecommunications, but specialty - Telecommunication systems and networks. Now - studying for a double degree program in Dresden. Specialty - Engineering distributed systems.


Interestingly, I never thought I could go to Germany. I've heard that there is an opportunity - but thought "... this is not about me." And here I am. Here cool. Very. Other people, other things, other methods of teaching ... and the whole of Europe to our services.


Learning to be. It is difficult, but remains free. A lot of possibilities to realize itself and all ready to help. At the moment I made ​​the first tests, prystosovuyus to the new system testing.​


Oleksenko Oleksii
Oleniuk Vladyslav
Prikhodko Olga

Graduate student ITS NTU "KPI" specialty Communication Networks.
Protected Bachelor of NTU "KPI" on "method of calculating the optimal algorithm software upgrade" and received a BA with honors in June 2011
In October 2012 participates in the international Master Programme "Engineering of Distributed Systems" under a double degree program between TU Dresden and NTU "KPI".
It has 3 abstracts in scientific conferences.

Puhkaiev Dmitrii
Trach Bogdan
Utlik Anna

Graduate of ITS 2011, major ISS.
In June 2011, defended a master's degree "KPI" on "Technologies of automated business processes in distributed information systems."
She participated in a joint research work with TUD during the winter semester 2009/2010.
In October 2010 the program started training TU Dresden "Distributed systems engineering". Along with the basic training program from February 2011 to March 2012 took part in the project EDYRA ( at the Department "Databases."
March 25, 2013 defended a master's degree TUD entitled "Application-agnostic resource-centric service handling support for imperfect networking conditions."
2 abstracts in the works of international conferences, Article 3.

Gaievyi Vadym

ITS A graduate of NTU "KPI", 2012, Specialty Communication Networks.
Defended a master's degree on "Organization of distributed computing technologies using Cloud Computing".
During his studies he took an active part in research projects and the Department of ITM Research Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of NTU "KPI".
He took part in the joint research work "KPI" and TU Dresden in 2009
Has 7 abstracts and presentations at international conferences and 1 article in professional journals.

Zaluzhniy Jaroslav

Student of NTU "KPI" Faculty ITS, 6 course
He took part in the joint research work with the TUD in 2011-2012,

Zgurskyi Bogdan
Zhdanenko Alexander

Student ITS IMZ specialty, year of graduation 2013.

Engaged in writing a master's degree in NTU "KPI" on "Technologies of creation of processing large amounts of data in service delivery"
2 abstracts in scientific conferences, two articles, one monograph.



 Graduated Students

Andriyeshyna Juliana
Bondarenko Volodymyr
 Caceres Anton
Chaichenko Andrew
 Ermakova Ekaterina

Gaievyi Vadim

 Gudymenko Ivan
Hanyukov Edward
 Kushnir Vitali
Kyrylkov Vadym
 Oleniuk Vladyslav
Prikhodko Olga
Shalbanov Constantine

Utlik Anna
Zaluzhniy.jpgZaluzhniy Jaroslav Zgurskaya.jpgZgurskaya Bogdan
Zhdanenko Alexander