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 Areas of Interest

  • Intelligent Information Processing.
  • Semantic Web, Data Mining, Distributed information systems, OSS/BSS.
  • Workflow (Wf) management (design, analysis, invocation and monitoring); web-services development and implementation in  heterogeneous environments, including cloud.
  • Desktop Grids for Web-services Hosting

 ITS prepares the following categories of experts:

  • Bachelors - Training lasts 4 years (8 semesters);
  • Masters - study lasts 6 years (12 semesters).:

 Qualifications of ITS graduates:

  • Bachelor of electronic devices;
  • Engineer in electronics and telecommunications;
  • Master of electronics and telecommunications;
  • Bachelor of telecommunications;
  • Engineer production processes of telecommunications;
  • Master of productions telecommunications

 Basic principles of providing high quality training from our team

  • relying on their own research;
  • harmonious combination of efforts of experienced and young teachers;
  • develop their own teaching base, publishing books, various textbooks;
  • collaborate with foreign partners;
  • close cooperation with telecom companies of Ukraine.

     ITS actively implements principles of the Bologna Process.